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Our Courses

The curriculum for the Global School of Ministry is built around three main focus points:

  1. Discover the mind of God for your life

  2. The maturity of these called for ministry

  3. The maturity of these called to influence every sphere of society

Education online learning or self study concept.

Registration (Required)


Registration is required for all courses through our Bible School & Music School 


Bible School

Panoramic Overview of the Bible


Survey of the Old Testament:
The Pentateuch, History Books, Poetic Books & Prophets
Survey of the New Testament:
The Gospels & Acts,
The Epistles 


Revelation of God (Systemic Theology)


Analysis of the Constitution of God
Christian Principles &  Foundational Doctrines of Faith
Genesis of God
Genetics of the Holy Spirit


The Prolegomenon To Full-Time Ministry


The Revelation of Christ (Christology):
Humanity revealed
Divine Nature revealed
Fulcrum of the End Times (Eschatology)


Panoramic Spectrum of Leadership


Dynamics of Christian Leadership
Emotional Intelligence
Making of a Leader


The Science of The Fivefold Ministry


A  meticulous study of the dispensation of  the Church (Introduction to Churchology)
Breaking the back of religion
The movement of the Holy Spirit throughout History


Focus Courses

Music School

Weekly Lessons

With a team of experienced, credible and seasoned lecturers actively involved in the music industry & music ministries, our aim is to provide musicians and singers with the all round practical and essential skills they need in various disciplines to be effective in the music industry or call within the worship ministry of their church. 

We offer weekly lessons for instruments such as piano, guitar, drums & bass. And for those wanting to sing, we are offering vocal lessons where you will learn the techniques & disciplines on how to be a great singer. 

The Music Academy includes one lesson a week for your selected specialisation 

Song Writing

This songwriting module aims at giving musicians/singers the tools to express their ideas using lyrics and melody. Various songwriting methods and approaches will be incorporated, including analysis of popular song structure and use of simple chords.

Music Theory

Every musician needs music theory as a foundation for being a musician. This course aims at giving students a firm view of music as a whole. This will include music notation, rhythm, note values, keys, and basic contemporary harmony.

Sound Engineering / Music Production

The course covers basic production techniques, concepts and basic track mixing techniques. Students will be required to create tracks within the guidelines provided applying the skills they’ve learned. Playing the keyboard or an instrument is not a requirement to complete this course.

The Art of Worship

This course will cover topics such as “The Worshiper God searches for”,
“Why Worship?”,
"Qualified to be in God’s Presence”,
“Lifestyle of the unnoticed”,
“The song in You” and many more…