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Our Short Courses

The curriculum for the Global School of Ministry is built around three main focus points:

  1. Discover the mind of God for your life

  2. The maturity of these called for ministry

  3. The maturity of these called to influence every sphere of society

Education online learning or self study concept.

2022 Registration (Required)


Registration is required for all individual short courses


Panoramic Overview of the Bible


Survey of the Old Testament:
The Pentateuch, History Books, Poetic Books & Prophets
Survey of the New Testament:
The Gospels & Acts,
The Epistles 


Revelation of God (Systemic Theology)


Analysis of the Constitution of God
Christian Principles &  Foundational Doctrines of Faith
Genesis of God
Genetics of the Holy Spirit


The Prolegomenon To Full-Time Ministry


The Revelation of Christ (Christology):
Humanity revealed
Divine Nature revealed
Fulcrum of the End Times (Eschatology)


Panoramic Spectrum of Leadership


Dynamics of Christian Leadership
Emotional Intelligence
Making of a Leader


The Science of The Fivefold Ministry


A  meticulous study of the dispensation of  the Church (Introduction to Churchology)
Breaking the back of religion
The movement of the Holy Spirit throughout History


Monthly Focus Courses