1. By enrolling the student /guardian is liable to GSOM for the full tuition fees as per study path.
  2. All courses through our Bible School require a registration fee.
  3. Any failure by the student to attend courses will not reduce liability for the full contract amount.
  4. The registration fee is not refundable. All other tuition fees may only be refundable under the following conditions:
    4.1. That a student has submitted the cancelation in writing within 2 days from registration date to email@gsom.tv.
    4.2. Non-offering of the programme by the Institution.
  5. GSOM will only grant access to the portal once the deposit is paid in full.
  6. This contract may be cancelled if;
    6.1. This student fails to satisfy the entrance requirements of GSOM,
  7. Should any monies not be paid on due date, the access to all courses will be cancelled until the outstanding monies have been paid. Exclusion from courses will not relieve the student/ guardian of any obligation to pay the full fees as per study path.
  8. GSOM reserves the right to withhold the student’s assignment results until such time as all outstanding monies have been paid.
  9. The student/guardian will remain liable for all expenses incurred by GSOM as a result of any breach of his/her/their part of this contract and acknowledge that this may include legal, tracing or collection costs.
  10. If any instalment due remains unpaid for a period of 60 (sixty) days after the due date thereof, the entire remaining balance will immediately become due and payable. Interest on overdue accounts will be charged at prime plus 5% percent.
  11. The information submitted on GSOM student portal via the registration process is true and correct. The student has read and agrees to abide by GSOM rules and regulation.
  12. GSOM reserves the right to alter course commencement dates where necessary.
  13. GSOM may from time to time implement rules and regulations deemed necessary relating to course attendance, student contract and other related matters.
  14. In the event of an act of God or industrial unrest causing the temporary cessation of courses, GSOM shall use every endeavour to resume curses as soon as possible; however, no guarantees are made in this regard.
  15. Any violations of academic integrity by the student including, but not limited to, cheating, will result in disciplinary action which could result in expulsion.
  16. The student cedes and assigns to GSOM, his or her rights and title to any intellectual property that may be created in the cause of any study or research project that the student undertakes or may undertake at GSOM of that the student develops or may develop with the assistance of GSOM equipment.
  17. The student will acquaint him/herself and abide by the content of the GSOM student rules/regulations and disciplinary code in general as well as to the course for which the student is registering and that for the entire duration of the students study, the student commits to the fulfilment of this rules and regulations as well as to any additional rules and regulations that GSOM may introduce from time to time.
  18. Should the student not adhere to the rules and regulations of GSOM and interfere with other students or any operations, the students might be expelled. In the event of expulsion, all monies paid to GSOM will be forfeited and the student/guardian will remain liable for all monies due up until the date of expulsion.
  19. GSOM may, at its discretion, report to the parent or guardian or bursary of the major fee contributor, any breach of rules and regulation by the student of on any other matter concerning the progress, conduct, of student.
  20. No guarantees, promises or representations of any nature are made by GSOM pertaining to the student enrolment for the course/s selected by the student with regard to the students access or failure or otherwise.
  21. GSOM may use any images (photographs or other) taken of the student in any advertising without restriction.
  22. GSOM accounts department must be informed immediately, in writing, should the student/guardian change personal information etc. email address.
  23. When you enrol at GSOM, your generous donation goes directly towards advancing the Kingdom of God through our ministry organisations. Our content is designed to equip and train up ministers of the Gospel, to effectively minister to God’s people.