School of Intercession

History belongs to the Intercessors!!!

Life begins in intimacy, and prayer is the bed-chamber of the Holy Spirit, but intercession moves God. The basic Hebrew word for intercession is “paga”, which is found 44 times in the Old Testament, and although it is translated as “intercession”, it is so much more than that. In this School of Intercession, we will look at the variations and shades of this ministry and develop and empower each student to become history shapers!

In this Focus Course, we will be covering the following topics:

• History belongs to the Intercessors.
• Intercession Defined
• Qualities of an Intercessor
• The death of an Intercessor
• Three classifications of prayer
• Groaning in Spirit
• Sons of Issachar
• Principles of overnight prayer
• Are you willing to answer the call?