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Through Global School Of Ministry, you have the potential to discover exactly what God has called you for.

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All our courses are presented by trained facilitators to ensure you receive the best learning experience possible. 

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Investing in myself as a leader

Through these courses, we will help you identify and master the key skills and ability to lead others.

Developing myself as a spiritual mentor

The design of these courses has been meticulously set out to equip you as a spiritual mentor to others with transformation in mind.

Equipping myself in ministry

You might not have a pulpit ministry, but as Christians, we are called to MINISTER wherever we are. This course will broaden your understanding of the work of the Kingdom.

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Focus Courses

Biblical Cryptology

In this Focus course, we will discover and decipher the hidden messages of the Bible!

Dream Interpretation

Here is a chance for you to understand those dreams that left you uncertain and confused. This is a chance for you to interpret your dreams accurately and biblically by the Spirit of God.

The Enigma of Leadership

Through a combination of sound theology, revolutionary brain science, and solid counselling methods, this course will equip you to: Cultivate emotional maturity not just in yourself but in others, Focus on four essential habits that will transform your life Understanding the power of JOY and how this gift can take your leadership skills to new heights.

Counselling Advanced

Through this course, you will be equipped to help people even more effectively, to move from conflict to connection through basic concepts of relational competence, including presence, safety, and connection. Students learn and practice the elements of the dialogue process and how to apply these in various settings with others.

School of Intercession

In this School of Intercession, we will look at the variations and shades of this ministry and develop and empower each student to become history shapers! History belongs to the Intercessors!!!

Attachment Theory Advanced

In this Focus Course, in partnership with Retsa Education, you will learn the following: Adult attachment Earned Attachment- how it is formed Trauma and attachment- Trauma connect to trauma Getting the basics in place Case studies

Demonology Advanced

In this Focus course you will learn: Psychological and spiritual concepts of Consciousness, Psychological aspects of deliverance, Difference between demons and dissociation, What is the fragmented soul?

Foundation of Christian Counselling

In this NEW Focus Course, you will learn Biblical counselling principles that will empower you to help other people.


In this focus course you will be taught how to crack the code of Satan. This will include the paradigm of deliverance, defining authority, how to root out legal rights and strongholds and how to do deliverance.

Attachment Theory

In this Focus Course, in partnership with Retsa Education, you will learn what is attachment, 3 Rules of attachment, Attachment Styles, Attachment and Trauma, Attachment and Identity.

Bible School

1. Panoramic Overview of the Bible

Survey of the Old Testament
Survey of the New Testament

2. Revelation of God
Systematic Theology

Introduction to Hebrew & Greek
The Constitution of God

3. The Prolegomenon to Christology & Eschatology

Revelation of Christ (Christology)
Fulcrum of the End Times

4. Panoramic Spectrum of Leadership

Dynamics of Leadership
Making of a Leader

5. Revival of Church Dispensations Throughout History

Introduction to Churchology - A meticulous study of the dispensation of the Church

6. How to Fulfil Your Personal Ministry

Challenging you to walk worthy of the call of God and to equip you with the requisite theological and practical knowledge and skills.

Music School

Weekly Lessons

With a team of experienced, credible and seasoned lecturers actively involved in the music industry & music ministries, our aim is to provide musicians and singers with the all round practical and essential skills they need in various disciplines to be effective in the music industry or call within the worship ministry of their church. 

We offer weekly lessons for instruments such as piano, guitar, drums & bass. And for those wanting to sing, we are offering vocal lessons where you will learn the techniques & disciplines on how to be a great singer. 

The Music Academy includes one lesson a week for your selected specialisation 

Music School Courses

Song Writing

This songwriting module aims at giving musicians/singers the tools to express their ideas using lyrics and melody. Various songwriting methods and approaches will be incorporated, including analysis of popular song structure and use of simple chords.

The Art of Worship

This course will cover topics such as “The Worshiper God searches for”,
“Why Worship?”,
"Qualified to be in God’s Presence”,
“Lifestyle of the unnoticed”,
“The song in You” and many more…

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