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Why Choose Us?

The Global School of Ministry, also known as GSoM, is committed to providing an award-winning learning platform that equips both men and women with the revealed Word of God to discover the mind of God for their life. The Institute not only prepares students to share and bear witness of Jesus Christ to the Church and the World but to demonstrate His power in every sphere of influence.

The Institute seeks to combine academic excellence and remarkable spiritual knowledge to provide a theological and revelatory education that is thorough, biblically-based and practical. 

We aim to provide the foundation for a life of public ministry through the rigorous integration of spiritual and personal development, theological learning, and ministerial and practical experience. As well as to provide high-quality teaching and activation for all engaged in ministry and influential areas such as business, government, education, media, arts and family.

We want you to Discover The Mind of God For Your Life

How to study

Our Learning approach

Students will be trained in the uncompromised Word of God, with practical and ‘hands-on ministry’ examples. This is facilitated through our online student portal, where our classes are streamed LIVE, and available for catch up whenever convenient. We have seen students ignited by the Fire of God to make an effective impact on their generation for Christ through a deeper knowledge and revelation of God’s Word. 

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About GSOM

The Global School of Ministry is where you can discover the Mind of God for your life, and be trained up in ministry.