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About Global School of ministry

About us

We are committed to provide an award-winning learning platform that equips both men and women with the revealed Word of God. 

Our Goals

To provide the foundation for a life of public ministry, high quality teaching, to ensure that our common life is framed and fashioned by the Word.

Core Values

Christ-centred, Spirit-led character

Bible-based, world-engaged curriculum

Intellectual energy interacting with effective praxis

Accessible and affordable to all believers

Collegial, collaborative, and encouraging environment

Our Mission

We seek to prepare people for public ministry who are: 

Holy and faithful ministers, disciplined in the life of prayer, nourished by Word, and growing in their awareness of themselves in relation to God and others
Wise and instinctive theologians, immersed in the riches of the Christian tradition, committed to intellectual rigour, and alert to the demands of public ministry in an ecumenical and multi-faith context.
Compassionate and effective pastors, creatively engaged with God’s mission in the world, passionate about the transformation of society, and committed to the flourishing and, renewal of the church.
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Meet Our Founder

As the founder of GSoM, Leon du Preez has developed a school for students of all economic backgrounds, and advocated for GSoM short courses to be available to a global audience. He has broadened the School’s international reach, raised the profile, embraced sustainability, launched the online learning partnership, and promoted collaboration across academic disciplines and administrative units as he guided the School through its creation, accreditation, and launch.

Leon’s mantle and role of a Prophet within the body of Christ have been recognized as a divine gift and endorsed by Senior Leaders, Ministers, and Prophets of Prophets.

As the Author of more than 10 books, God-given mandate is reaching millions across the globe, as Leon imparts a prophetic mantle to this generation.

Leon founded Encounter Churches, which has become a household name within the Body of Christ. His multi-faceted ministry attracts Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, Leaders, and businessmen and women travel from afar – nationally and internationally – to receive impartation, equipping, covering, and direction.

Leon is married to his beautiful wife, Este-Lee du Preez, with his two princess daughters, Scarlet Grace du Preez and Bethany Angel du Preez.

Our Team

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